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Avoid Broken Toes at Work, Home, and Play

By cmsadmin
April 26, 2017

Toes are among the most vulnerable bones in your entire body to breaks, cracks, and dislocations. They’re small, hanging out at the front of your foot all by themselves, and susceptible to a sudden, unexpected meeting with an unseen curb or stack of falling textbooks. When they do break, you may be looking at pain ... read more

First Aid for Foot Trauma

By cmsadmin
April 13, 2017

Foot trauma can occur during the heat of athletic competition, from an awkward tumble off a curb, or from a sudden impact or accident such as an automobile crash or dropping something heavy. It can even happen slowly over time, from the wear and tear of thousands of small impacts from running or jumping. When ... read more

7 Tips for Relieving Heel Pain

By cmsadmin
March 22, 2017

If you’ve ever had heel pain—and most adults have—you already know how dramatically it can affect your life. In fact, according to a 2009 national survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, more than one-third of Americans reported at least one episode of foot pain so severe that it completely prevented them from performing ... read more

Treating Toe Deformities in Baby Feet

By cmsadmin
March 9, 2017

Parents play with their children’s toes all the time, whether it’s reciting “this little piggy” or simply tickling them. As much as parents play with their children’s feet, though, many take their toes for granted. However, toe deformities at birth push digit health to the forefront. These digital deformities can be very upsetting for parents ... read more

Answers for Parents of Children with Foot Deformities

By cmsadmin
March 8, 2017

The word “deformity” is scary—particularly when it’s used to describe your child’s feet. Most parents are worried about the effect a deformity will have on their son or daughter’s ability to walk, be active and independent, and enjoy a normal life. Many parents feel alone, not sure who will understand what they are going through ... read more

Why Valentine’s Day is so special to Dr. Rodriguez

By cmsadmin
February 13, 2017

For most people, Valentine's Day conjures visions of chocolate, romantic comedies, jewelry, and gifts. But for me, it’s not about expensive gifts, spending money, or extravagant dinners. It’s about remembering that I have some pretty special people in my life and being grateful for every single one of them. When I was 10 months old, ... read more

Why Does Your Ankle Give Out?

By cmsadmin
February 7, 2017

Too much pressure can cause just about anything to give out. Whether it’s a bookshelf with too many books or a bridge supporting heavy trucks, when the pressure gets too high, something breaks and collapses. The same is true of your body, particularly in joints like your ankle. Ankles are designed to handle quite a ... read more

4 Ways to Take Care of Ankle Pain

By cmsadmin
January 24, 2017

For busy parents on the go, the last thing you need is a painful ankle slowing you down. Ankles are key supporting joints and important for being able to move when you walk or run. Whether you’re running your little one to day care, picking up class snacks at the store, coaching a rec soccer ... read more

No More Dark Spots: Preventing Black Toenails

By cmsadmin
October 26, 2016

Surprise dark spots on your body can be a bit concerning and embarrassing. You’re left wondering where they came from, how you got them, and how long they will look that way. Athletes are pretty familiar with bruises they didn’t know they had, but when those dark spots are in odd places, it can be ... read more

Clubfoot Parents Don’t Need to Fear – You Have Support!

By cmsadmin
October 11, 2016

Spooky events and scary moments are great for the Halloween season, but no parent enjoys being surprised by learning their newborn has clubfoot. Clubfoot is a highly treatable birth defect. Still, it’s a long treatment process and it’s easy for parents to feel alone and overwhelmed. Parents, you aren’t alone. We have a growing and ... read more


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